Bloody Knife

about me

my online psuedonym is viktor. my real name is classified. im 15 almost 16.

more detailed information about me is that im 5'7, ginger, an aquarius and to me im average weight and less than average looking. nothin too special.

my main interests are videogames, coding and various horror films.

the main games i like playing are gta v, gta san andreas, doom, doom 2, la noire, infamous second son, canis canem edit (or bully), various fifa games, minecraft, quake, blood, mirrors edge catalyst, wolfenstein 3d, tekken 7, spiderman ps4 and a whole lot of others i cant recall.

the films i recommend are natural born killers, donnie darko, my friend dahmer, empire records, dazed and confused and scream.

random trivia: -i own all of the main playstation consoles

-i have a strange obsession with fifa games. i have fifa 04, 09 and all the others from fifa 14 up to 19

-im an arsenal fan

-i play both drums and guitar

-i have a ginger cat

-my favourite item of clothing is either my atari teenage riot cap or my 1997 KMFDM shirt

-ive never eaten KFC in my life. if i had to pick id go for burger king

-my favourite salad dressing is mayo

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