Bloody Knife

i guess i should do an about me section so here it is:

full name: youre not getting it

nicknames: reb reincarnated, red, skurk, lognifii

birthplace: not getting that either

birthday: early 2005

where do you live now?: where i always have lived

parents: theyre decent enough, sometimes annoy the fuck out of me but thats normal

siblings: dont have any

looks: im 5'7.5, i dont check my weight. people have said im handsome but thats a rare occurence

favourite animals: otters, cats

favourite tv show: i dont have one. i dont really watch tv

favourite kinds of music: industrial, some modern rock, shit that i think is good

favourite movie: dazed and confused

school: some shit one

future school: i dont know

boyfriend/girlfriend: no

best buds: i have about 5

favourite candy: probably tangfastics

hobbies: doom, gta, coding my site

things you collect: coke can tabs

do you have a personal phone line?: yeah?

favourite body part of the opposite sex: hands are cool

any tattoos and where of what: dont have any yet

piercings and where: dont have any yet

what do you sleep in?: tshirt and tracksuit bottoms or tshirt and shorts

do you like chain letters?: fuck no, i hate em

best advice: take risks, they might turn out good

favourite quotes: 'fucker should be shot','ignorance is bliss', 'man has to have a little bit of right'

non sport activity you enjoy: doom, hanging out with mates, playing drums

dream car: i know jackshit about cars

favourite thing to do in the spring: shoot fuckers in gta, hang out with mates

whats your bedtime?: whenever i want

where do you shop?: mainly depop though i do have hoodies from primark

coke or pepsi: coke

favourite things to wear: either one of my caps, band tshirts, baggy shit

favourite subjects in school: history

favourite colors: black, green, red

favourite people to talk to online: tcc people on twitter and tumblr

root beer or dr pepper: hate both of em

do you shave?: sometimes

favourite vacation spots: by the sea

favourite family member: older cousin

did you eat paint chips when you were a kid?: fuck no im not retarded

favourite cd you own: i dont own cds but i have a playlist of kmfdm, nin, gravity kills, chemlab that type of shit

the ONE person who you hate the most: they know who they are

favourite foods: pasta, tangfastics

who is the hottest guy or girl in the world?: i dont fuckin know

what is your favourite salad dressing?: mayo

when you die, do you want to be buried or burned into ashes?: burned to a c r i s p

do you believe in aliens?: you bet that i do

if you had the chance to professionally do something, what would you do? play gta

things you obsess over: coding, tcc shit, doom

favourite day of the week: saturday

a teacher you hate: my biology teacher is a fuckin retard

favourite disney movie: i dont have one

what is your favourite season?: summer

what toppings do you like on your pizza?: olives and pepperoni

do you like your school food?: the pizza is ok but the rest is shit

if you could live anywhere, where would you live?: venice

favourite things to do on weekends: see mates and play DOOM!!

favourite things to get clean up: what the fuck?

favourite magazines: kerrang!, rock sound, comics

favourite flowers: geraniums?

favourite numbers: 37, 420

favourite ice cream flavour: mint choc chip!!!

what kind of guys/girls are you attracted to?: hot ones

whats your most embarrassing moment?: i have too many

if you could chane one thing about yourself what would it be?: not having tits

do you eat breakfast then brush your teeth or brush first then have breakfast?: eat breakfast then brush my teeth

favourite time of day: 12am-4am

can a guy and girl be just 'best friends'?: sure

do you ask the guy/girl out or do you wait for them to come to you?: ask em out

do you mind paying for sex?: i dont care

whats the most important thing in someones personality?: honesty and a good sense of humour

do you have a pager or a cell phone?: who doesnt?

favourite sport: football

what was the best gift you ever received?: probably my samsung a40

how long did this letter take you to finish?: 10 minutes

what did you listen to while completing it?: gravity kills

are you or would you like to be married in the near future?: fuck no!

dont you just hate how psychics win the lottery?: the lottery is a scam so i dont fuckin care

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